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Admission Criteria

All referrals to the Comprehensive Community Services program are thoroughly screened prior to admission. In order to be considered for admission to Walworth County CCS, an individual must meet the

  1. Have a qualifying condition of a mental illness and a diagnosis listed in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV-TR) - as outlined in DHS 36; and

  2. Have a functional impairment that interferes with or limits one or more major life activities and results in needs for services that are ongoing and either high-intensity or low-intensity. Determination of a qualifying functional impairment is dependent upon whether the applicant meets one of the following descriptions: a) Children and adults who have substantial needs for ongoing, high-intensity comprehensive services. Individuals must have a qualifying diagnosis of a major mental health or substance-use disorder and have substantial needs for psychiatric, substance abuse or addition treatment; or b) Children and adults who are in need of ongoing, low-intensity comprehensive services. These individuals generally function in a fairly independent and stable manner but may occasionally experience acute psychiatric stress.                         

  3. Have Medicaid Insurance (Title XIX); and

  4. Be a resident of Walworth County.

Individuals who meet the above criteria, will be asked to complete an application to the CCS program and sign an agreement in order for the program to complete a State required functional eligibility screen. This screen determines one's need for CCS services and is required, as outlined in DHS 36.

Individuals with a diagnosis of dementia, substance-related disorders, mental retardation or any other severe, chronic developmental disability shall not be considered appropriate for admission.

Referral sources (both internal and external) need to complete and submit a referral form if CCS services are sought.

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