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Other Residential Facilities

Click on the subsidized housing link below to view a list of facilities that offer subsidized housing for seniors.

Click on the interfaith living options link below to visit a website that describes housing options in southeastern Wisconsin for seniors and the disabled.

Other types of housing offer supportive services. These types include:

Supervised Apartment
A supervised apartment is a residence in which care and supervision is provided to a client. Care is provided to enrich the client’s social life and to support their health services. Services may consist of activities of daily living, protection, personal care, or transportation into the community for leisure activities. Staff may provide supervision by individuals who live with the client or who make regular visits to the client in the apartment.

Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC)
In a certified Residential Care Apartment Complex, on-site staff provide up to 28 hours/week of service to meet the residents' scheduled or unpredictable needs and to provide supervision for safety and security. Residents live in their own living units. These living units are separate and distinct from each other.

Click on the link below to visit the State of Wisconsin website for RCACs.

To talk about the procedure for placing someone in a supervised apartment setting or in a Residential Care Apartment Complex, call 262-741-3200.

Subsidized housing

Interfaith living options

State website (RCAC)


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