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Frequent Questions

How can I find a ride to the doctor?
Can I get meals delivered at home?

How can I get help buying prescription drugs?
Can I get help with my Social Security problems?

Can I get help with my household chores?

How do I report suspected elder abuse or neglect?

How do I make a referral for Aging Services?

What is a Senior Visitor?

What is Telecare?

For help with buying prescription drugs

Reporting elder abuse or neglect
To report suspected elder abuse or neglect,
call 262-741-3200 or call toll free 800-365-1587and say that you want to report suspected elder abuse or neglect.

Making a referral for Aging Services
To make a referral for Aging Services, call 262-741-3200or call toll free 800-365-1587 and say that you want to make a referral for Aging Services.

Senior Visitor
A Senior Visitor is a volunteer provided through DHHS who visits an older person every week who is lonely and in need of companionship.

Telecare is a free program that enables an older person who lives alone to receive daily telephone contact with another person. If the contact is not made, a determination is made whether the situation is an oversight or an emergency.

Crisis Services

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

Mental Health Services

Alcohol/Drug Issues

Mental Health Recovery Services

Child/Family Services

Child Support

Public Health

Economic Support

Developmental Disabilities

Trauma Informed Care

Volunteer Services

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