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Charges for Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse Services

Charges for the categories of service described below are based on the actual cost of providing the services. Rates for professional services provided by staff of DHHS are approved by the DHHS Board. Rates for professional services provided by others are governed by contractual agreements that may offer preferential rates for DHHS clients.

If a client has the ability to pay privately or through an insurance plan, the client should first seek services from the private sector.

Outpatient Treatment Services

When DHHS authorizes or provides outpatient services for alcohol and/or drug abuse problems, the client or responsible party is liable for the full cost of the services. If appropriate, DHHS will bill the client's insurance or other payers such as Medicare and Medicaid for the services.

If the client does not have insurance or if insurance does not pay all charges, the client or responsible party will be required to pay a monthly fee based on Ability to Pay.


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