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Can I afford the CATE program?

Consider the fees you would be charged for the Huber Dorm or the jail's electronic monitoring program if you were not enrolled in the CATE program.

Program Components CATE Fees Huber Dorm Fees
OWI Assessment $225 $225
Treatment $1526* $2,160* (outpatient in the community)
Electronic Monitoring $17 per day until anklet is removed, then $9 per day $17 per day
Huber Dorm Living Costs N/A $3,240*
Fine Successful completion of the CATE Program enables the fines to be reduced to $600 plus costs Up to $2,600 for a 3rd offense
*Numbers are based on the average length of CATE treatment (6 months). 

What happens if I drop out or am terminated from the CATE program?

You will return to jail to serve your sentence. Consult with your attorney regarding this.



What are the restrictions on my employment while I am a CATE participant?

Mixing drinks interferes with the alcohol sensors on the CATe monitoring bracelet. For example, you may work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant but you cannot work as a bartender.


Are there any other restrictions for me while I am in the program.

No alcohol is allowed on the premises in which you reside. This includes alcohol purchased by or for others in the home.




If I qualify for the CATE program, what do I do next?

Take your screening letter to your attorney. Your attorney will talk with the District Attorney's office and the court to make arrangements for you to enter the program.




When do I have to pay the fees?

You pay the initial assessment fee on date of your intake. You pay the book fee on the first week you attend group. Then each week you pay the cashier at WCDHHS before your scheduled group session. YOU CANNOT GET BEHIND ON PAYMENTS.




How often do the CATE groups meet?

You will be assigned to a CATE group based on availability. We will try to accommodate your work schedule when possible. The groups meet on the same day and time each week for 90 minutes.




What else do I have to do in the CATE program?

In addition to the weekly CATE groups, participants in this program must complete an OWI assessment as ordered by the court. Each participant must also complete an initial intake to determine if any other treatment services are required. If indicated, participation in those services is a requirement of the CATE program.




Does my weekly CATE fee pay for any additional services?

No. You must pay the full fee for the OWI assessment on the day of the appointment. The CATE intake assessment and individual treatment services fees can be billed to insurance but must be paid on date of service and refunded from insurance carrier. The WCDHHS offers county residents a sliding fee scale for the intake assessment and any recommended services outside of CATE. That fee is based on your ability to pay. These discounts DO NOT apply to OWI assessment or CATE monitoring and group fees.




What is the monitoring and surveillance program?

During most of the CATE program  you are on house arrest. Your activities are monitored using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, and the ankle bracelet detects alcohol use by contact with your skin. You must wear a two-piece device (an anklet and a cell phone), and you must follow the rules of the monitor. You are allowed to leave your home for up to 12 hours per day to go to work, shop or conduct other approved activities.




What happens if I break a CATE rule?

For minor violations you may be returned to the Huber Dorm at the jail for 24 hours. For major violations (such as using alcohol or drugs) your participation in the program may be revoked and you will be returned to jail.




Whom do I contact for more information?

AODA supervisor at Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services at (262) 741-3200.


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