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Real estate records in Walworth County are indexed in a grantor/grantee index system beginning in 1839.  Documents recorded since January of 1966 have been indexed in a computerized grantor/grantee index.  In July of 2004, a computerized tract index searchable by legal description was added to aid in locating records.  This additional tool will be a valuable asset to Walworth County citizens as the index becomes more populated with data.

 Effective 2/1/16 ALL conveyance documents except those that are exempt per 77.25(1) & 77.25(10M) will require an eRETR. 

The computerized index is available either in our office or on the Internet via LandShark.  Click on the link below to access our land records index and on the other links for additional information.

LandShark (on-line access to real estate index)

Recording & Filing Fees

Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return form (eRETR)

Real Estate Document Copy Fees

Standard Document Format


Electronically Record Your Real Estate Documents.

You can now electronically record your real estate documents.  You can contact the following e-Recording vendors:

Simplifile - Mark Moats  385 Oak Manor Dr., Oshkosh, Wi. 54904   920-203-7746

e-Recording Partners Network (ePN) 400 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55401  888 325-3365   

CSC (Ingeo)  251 Little Falls Dr, Wilmington, DE 19808 866 652-0111  

Indecomm Global Services (US Recordings) 2925 Country Dr, St. Paul, MN 55117  651 766-5155





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