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The duties of the Property Listing division are spelled out in Wisconsin Statutes 70.09.  The primary responsibility is to "prepare and maintain accurate ownership and description information for all parcels of real property in the county.”  Specific duties include:

  • Updating ownership information based on recorded land transfers.

  • Maintaining assessed value changes of real property and improvements, as well as special assessments and manufacturing assessed values.

  • Updating system to reflect lot line adjustments, splits, and/or combining of existing parcels.

  • Assigning tax parcel numbers to newly created parcels.

  • Processing tax bills.

  • Entering address changes for mailing tax bills as submitted by property owners or municipalities.  See section below.        

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The following form should be used by the property owner to change the address to which the tax bill(s) should be mailed.  The request must be submitted in writing and signed by the property owner of record.  Please mail or deliver the form to:  Property Lister, 100 W. Walworth St., Room 102, P.O Box 995, Elkhorn, WI 53121 or fax to 262-741-4947. 


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Various types of real estate documents recorded in the Walworth County Register of Deeds Office are linked by the Property Listing division to the applicable tax parcel identification number.  The application entitled “Real Estate Sales Search” is available for viewing a list of those documents for a particular municipality.  The results displayed cover a one-month period beginning with the date entered.  While there are some earlier documents, the information primarily begins with documents recorded in 1973.       


INSTRUCTIONS:  Use the drop-down arrow to select a municipality.  Either enter a starting date with slashes between the day, month and year (i.e., 01/01/2000) or click on the calendar to select a beginning date.

For more information on a particular document, please use our Internet real estate index known as LandShark.

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