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Contact: Terry Freeman - Short Term Rental Code Enforcement Officer - Part Time

Contact: Ken Deakins - Short Term Rental Code Enforcement Officer - Part Time, Nights and Weekends


On April 19, 2018, the Walworth County Board of Supervisors adopted a Short Term Rental Licensing code for properties in unincorporated Walworth County. 

A copy of the actual ordinance and the subsequent amendments that were adopted can be found here:

               CHAPTER 74 - ZONING (Defines: Dwelling, Lodging facility, Short term rental)

The County licensing application can be found by following the link below.  There are instructions on how to find the various information the application is looking for on page two of the form.

               Walworth County Short Term Rental License Application    


               Short Term Rental FAQ 

If you are staying in the home while guests are there, you should discuss your options as a bed and breakfast with the County’s Planning staff.  Please contact Matt Weidensee 262-741-4972.



State License:

Before the County can approve a license, you must first obtain a state license.  Information on the state license can be found here:      Tourist Rooming Houses

Well Testing:

If your property is served by a private drinking well, the State of Wisconsin will require you to complete testing of your well as part of obtaining your license.  You can do so with a private company, or you can use the Walworth County Health Department’s well testing services. 

Information on these services can be found here:     
         Walworth County Health Department  – Water Testing

Septic System:

If your property is served by a Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS, aka “septic system” - not public sewer), the septic system must meet minimum Code requirements for the proposed occupancy.  Typically, any septic system installed after 1980 will have a Sanitary Permit on file with the County that identifies the design capacity of the septic system.  If the existing Sanitary Permit on file with the County provides the necessary information for review of the Short Term Rental application and the 3yr. maintenance requirement is up to date, then no further evaluation of the septic system is needed.

If no Sanitary Permit is on file with the County or a Sanitary Permit does not provide the necessary information to complete the review of the application, then an appropriately licensed professional(s) will need to evaluate and conduct an inspection of the existing septic system to ensure it conforms to the minimum Code requirements. The evaluation will need to determine items such as design capacity, location, setbacks, soil suitability, etc.

The Septic Inspection Report linked below will need to be completed and returned to the County for review.

Note:  Keep in mind the evaluation/inspection may result in the need for the existing septic system to be replaced.

            POWTS Inspection Form

Below is a link to a list of individuals licensed to help complete the evaluation/inspection:

                Soil Testers

            Septic Installers

            Well/Septic Inspectors

To find out more information on the septic system please contact our office at 262‑741‑4972.


Other useful links:

As part of your application, you will need to submit a site plan.  This can be a simple, hand drawn plan, or you may choose to use an existing survey the County already has on file.  You can find information on your property and determine if the County has a survey by searching our County’s GIS.                       

               Walworth County GIS

Here you can search for your property.  Instructions on how to find information on permits and also other documents and surveys can be found here:

               INSTRUCTIONS for using Walworth County GIS 

Note:  Instead of using the “Energov” link as described in these instructions, choose the “Survey History” link instead.  If you want to view the property history, choose “Documents”.


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