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CZA Members

Contact: Neal Frauenfelder - Planning & Farmland Preservation 
Contact: Matt Weidensee - Site Planner/Hearing Facilitator 
Stories From The Field & Office
Conservation Subdivision 4 Step Process
Planning Reports - This information is found in the packets for each meeting, find meeting date.
Farmland Preservation Tax Credit Program  
Farmland Preservation Plan Update
Smart Growth - Walworth County Comprehensive Planning Program (SEWRPC)
   - Comprehensive Planning & Smart Growth Law FAQ's
Conservation Development Design
   - Conservation Development Amendment - Subdivision Ordinance (June 18, 2004)
   - Conservation Development Amendment - Zoning Ordinance (June 18, 2004)
Published Plans
2035 Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Walworth County and Participating Towns
Park and Open Space Plan
Related County Ordinances
Chapter 58 - Subdivision Ordinance
Chapter 30 - Finance  (Article VII. Fees and Funds)
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