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Residential Construction in Farmland Preservation Zoning Districts

Year 2011 Notice: Some Wisconsin Landowners Are Under Claiming Their Farmland Preservation Tax Credits

The department (DATCP) recommends the following when preparing 2015 tax information:

  • Verify that your land is located within a state certified farmland preservation zoning district or
    that it is covered by a farmland preservation agreement.

  • Informational Guidance Sheet

  • If you own land located in an area under a certified farmland preservation zoning, use the Schedule FC-A form. For those farmers who entered into a farmland preservation agreement on or after July 1, 2009, also use the Schedule FC-A form. 
    2015 FORMS 
    Schedule FC-A  Instructions Fillable Schedule FC-A

  • Please note that if you have a farmland preservation agreement signed before July 1, 2009 that has not been modified, you must continue to use Schedule FC to claim your tax credit.  2015 FORMS Schedule FC  Instructions Fillable Schedule FC

  • Walworth County is zoned for Farmland Preservation through A-1 Zoning designation.
  • Kris Modaff, DATCP farmland preservation program, is also available to answer questions on
    farmland preservation at (608) 224-4633 or email
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Downloadable Applications & Forms  

Walworth County farm owners received $312,539 in Farmland Preservation Program tax credits this past year, according to figures released by the State Department of Revenue. The number of farmers receiving Farmland Preservation Program tax credits in the County was 504. The average credit was $620.

The Program is an effective way of providing property tax relief to farmers while at the same time protecting prime Wisconsin farmland through land use planning. Persons interested in applying for Farmland Preservation Program Tax Credit need to obtain a zoning certificate from the County Land Use and Resource Management Department and complete the State’s Farmland Preservation Credit Claim 


Walworth County prepared an Agricultural Preservation Plan which was approved by the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture in 1978. This plan, along with the county’s exclusive agriculture zoning ordinance (A-1 zoning district) and the Walworth County Land Conservation Committee’s soil and water conservation requirements allows Walworth County residents to participate in the state’s tax credit program.

One method the state uses to monitor compliance with the program is the Notice of Rezoning Conditional Use form. This notice is a two-page report which must be completed every time a rezone or a conditional use permit is approved in the A-1 zoning district (see attached). Chapter 91 Wis. Stats. requires the County Zoning Agency to consider specific standards and conditions before approving a rezone or conditional use in the exclusive agricultural zoning district.

(See attached Notice of Rezone form)


Eligibility Requirements

1. Acres claimed must be located in a farmland preservation area identified in a certified county farmland preservation plan. Eligible land includes agricultural land or permanent undeveloped natural resource areas or open space land that is:

  • in an area certified for farmland preservation zoning, and/or

  • located in a designated agricultural enterprise area and under a farmland preservation agreement.

2. Claimants must have $6,000 in gross farm revenue in the past year or $18,000 in the past three years.  Income from rental receipts of farm acres does not count toward gross farm revenue. However, gross farm revenue produced by the renter on the landowner’s farmland can be used to meet this eligibility requirement.

3. Property taxes on the land must be paid by the claimant.

4. Farmers claiming farmland preservation tax credits must certify on their tax form that they comply with state soil and water conservation standards. New claimants must also submit a certification of compliance with soil and water conservation standards that has been issued by the county land conservation committee.


To obtain more information about farmland preservation credit or help in preparing Schedule FC, or for a copy of Wisconsin Publication 503, "Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Credit," you may contact any Department of Revenue office. The location and telephone number of the office nearest you may be listed in your telephone book. You may also e-mail a question to the department at, or access the department’s web site at and click on "FAQs" (frequently asked questions).  Also, contact with questions.

To obtain a zoning certificate contact the Walworth County Land Use and Resource Management Department at:  LURM Department, 100 W Walworth St., P.O. Box 1001, Elkhorn, WI 53121  Phone: (262) 741-4972.   


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