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NOTE: Use of these forms does not replace the need that you may need to consult appropriate staff for your individual project.  These forms are primarily provided as a courtesy, so that you may be able access most of our available information from the convenience of your home or office. Additional forms are located at the office.  





Effective June 1, 2010 - Waking Up to Wetlands: Know Before You Buy or Build
Wetlands Information Brochure 2009 WISCONSIN ACT 373
WDNR Surface Water Data Viewer (Mappping) WDNR Wetlands Page
Wetland Identification Program
Private Consultants for Wetland Delineation 
* Wetland Delineation Confirmation Request  * WETLAND DELINEATION CONFIRMATION REQUEST
All Fee Schedules listed below pursuant to Walworth County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 30
LURM Fee Schedules - Walworth County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 30 - with Updates for 2013
Animal Waste Fees

Sanitation Fee

Planning Fees

Zoning Fees
Livestock Siting Proceedure

Soil Testers

Plat Review Fees

Erosion Control

Septic Haulers

Common Q & A 
RE: 2020 Plan


Erosion Control Fee

Septic Installers

Special Exception in Excl. Ag. Use District Open Records Request
Erosion Control Fees (Small)

Well/Septic Inspectors

Architects, Engineers, Surveyors Complaint Form
When You Need a Permit

Wisconsin Fund

Public Hearing Info Architects, Engineers, Surveyors
NOTE* Grading Near Water  Sanitation Setbacks   Town Inspectors
»Permit Needs Chart Maintenance Agreement


Home Building Q&A

Prelim. Stormwater Review Letter Sanitation Districts Conditional Use Sample Scaled Plot Plan
Stormwater Performance Standards Holding Tank Agreement Conditional Use Amendment Shoreland Zoning Guide


Holding Tank Servicing Contract Livestock Siting Proceedure Waterfront Contacts
Prelim. Stormwater Review App.


Rezone Petition with Updated Process - 2035 Zoning Districts Summary
Large Site County Sanitary Permit Land Use Plan Amendment Petition Zoning Information Request
»Large Site Checklist State Sanitary Permit Land Use Plan Amendement Costs Fence Regulations
One and Two Family Soil Evaluation Report

Plat Review Applications

Code Enforcement Officer Jurisdiction Map
Small Site Application   Plat Review Application


Small Site Checklist Restriction Removal Navigability/OHWM Request
Erosion Control - Utility

Pre-Application for Large Condos and Subdivisions

Wetland Delineation Request
General Permit Utility - Small Site Pre-Application Form

Sign Permit

»Pond Standards Pre-Application Conference Packet Mobile Tower Permit
Vegetation Removal Conservation Plan Checklist

Plat Review
Check Sheets (DOA)

Zoning Permit
Vegetation Removal Conservation Plan Application Condo Check Sheet Commercial Permit


CSM Check Sheet Waterfront Permit
Vegetation Removal Packet Final Plat Check Sheet Shoreland Cutting Permit
Tree Cutting Exemption Preliminary Check Sheet Vegetation Removal Packet
A Homeowners Guide to Native Shoreline Gardens   Tree Cutting Exemption
Prescribed Burning/Specialty Contractors (check list below)

BOA - Appeal Petition

General/Earthwork Contractors (check list above) BOA - Temporary Use Request

Nonmetallic Mining

BOA - Special Exception Request - Substandard

Nonmetallic Fees Updated BOA - Special Exception Request - ADA
Permit Transfer Application

BOA - Substitution Petition

Plan Checklist BOA - Variance Application
Plan Consultants

Farm Separation

Plan Review     Parcel Split
Plan Review Application

Lot Line Adjustment

Reclamation Q & A      
Reclamation Standards      



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