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Walworth County 2010 Land and Water
Resource Management Plan (LWRMP)

The Walworth County Land and Water Resource Management Plan was prepared under the guidance of the Walworth County Land Conservation Committee with the contributions from diverse group of citizens, natural resource professionals, and elected officials. Their input into the preparation of this plan was thoughtful, important and timely. Thanks to the many citizens who shared their vision, about the future of Walworth County’s land and water resources.

Proof of Publication

2015 Walworth County 5-Year LWRMP Extension Presentation

Walworth County 2010 Land and Water Resource Management Plan

Cover, Acknowledgement and Table of Contents

Plan Summary
    Chapter I      - Introduction
    Chapter II     - Walworth County Setting and Natural Resources
    Chapter III    - Resource Assessment
    Chapter IV    - Goals, Objectives and Work Plan
                      ** 5-Year Work Plan Update 2016-2020
    Chapter V     - Plan Implementation Strategy
    Chapter VI    - Conservation Programs and Partners
    Chapter VII   - Information and Education Strategy
    Chapter VIII  - Monitoring LWRMP Implementation and Success
    Acronyms and Glossary

    Appendix A - Statutory Authority
    Appendix B - Turtle Valley Wildlife Area
    Appendix C - Rock River Basin
    Appendix D - Fox River Basin
    Appendix E - Walworth County Code of Ordinances
    Appendix F - County-wide Storm Water Management and Pollution Prevention Program
    Appendix G - Implementation Strategy for Ag. Performance Standards and Prohibitions 
    Appendix H - Working Lands Initiative/Farmland Preservation Program



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