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Thermal Curtain Wall - Government Center

Project Description: Walworth County plans to remove and replace 11, 700 square feet of windows and architectural panels on its Government Center facility. This represents 90% of the surface of the main building or 80% of the surface of the entire building. The thermal curtain wall project will replace the windows and panels which were installed when the building was constructed. The existing windows have an estimated "R" rating value between 1.43 and 1.54. The replacement windows have an estimated "R" rating value between 2.50 and 2.90.

Total Project Budget:           $911,400
Proposed Grant Funding:       $379,500
Proposed County Funding:     $531,900

Proposed Jobs Created/Retained*: 10

Proposed Energy Saved and/or Renewable Energy Generated**:  18,869

Proposed CHG Emissions Reduced (CO2 Equivalents)**:  1,466

Project Awarded to:     Simmons Building Products, Inc. - $488,770


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